"MY BABIES" I scream at a group of men that are actually older than me

#Happy 6th Anniversary U-KISS

U-Kiss is not 6. Not 5. No longer the 7 we’ve grown to love. U-Kiss is now 9. This family won’t shrink, it can only grow - Soohyun

I’ve found a family in U-KISS and an even bigger family in Kiss Me’s - Kiseop

Soohyun existing without U-KISS.. To me, it’s an irreplaceable existence - Soohyun

Everything we do is for our Kiss Me’s. And Kiss Me to us is like family. We really think of our Kiss Me’s as a family and we really care for all of our Kiss Me’s.. and we really want to show all that we can do for Kiss Me’s and we hope that they’re satisfied with our music and our dances and everything we do… and we hope that we can inspire our Kiss Me’s and we’ll always be there for you. - Kevin

In case you need more reasons to stan U-KISS:
12 /  - Serious Acting edition

We have a beautiful family, KissMes.


Cute Eli :)


I have no idea sorry. this is the result of a really small amount of sleep


Did my heart-shaped jeon mean nothing to you, Kevin