for jack0fdiam0nds

I made sure to finish this before you left to go see these goobers still jealous.  I hope you don’t mind the way I edited it, i wanted it to look interesting, but hey look forbidden love e u e.

anyways this is the place where i write some gooey stuff about how much you mean to me, and how grateful I am that I stopped being a spoiled brat and we fixed our friendship. However that’s not like us at all, we’re the type to tease each other and sing disney songs together or laugh at who’s line is it anyways. TO BE HONEST, I wouldn’t change our friendship for anything in the world. I’m sorry for how much i have upset you in the eternity it seems like we’ve known each other. I hope you know i’m always here for you, and you better have a good time on your birthday if you can, grab kevin for me. He’s tiny enough just shove him in a box and send him over here plz.

- Panda/Frankie ♥


The jewelry designed by U-KISS are so pretty ♥


Lee Hoo deserves a shit load of respect ,because what he did was fucking revolutionary to kpop 


ZE:A’s leader bought his own company. It’s now your turn Kim Heechul.


Tomorrow I’m going to Lund to stay at Micki’s (jack0fdiam0nds ). Then on tuesday morning we are flying to London, and on wednesday we are going to the U-Kiss concert.


"To all of the agency presidents and management, take care of your issues, fix your mistakes, apologize and acknowledge them.. what I, what we want is to put down everything and get the hearts of your artists."


Can we just talk about how BRAVE Lee Hoo is? 
He is speaking for every k-pop artist. 

We should support him, guys. This is more important than dating “scandals”, please don’t forget this. 


I hate when people judge others on where they shop - go fuck a cactus thanks


CR:milo_step & ankokatoma